Namibian Tourism Board : How To Register

The Namibian Tourism Board (NTB) was established in 2001 by the Namibian Tourism Board Act 21 of 2000. It serves as a regulatory body of the tourism industry – overseeing the registration and grading of accommodation establishments and the registration of tour and safari operators as well as activity operators, the NTB has the power to declare any sector of tourism as a regulated sector.

Both tour and safari operators as well as activity operators usually require vehicles to perform their operations. For us at Auto Help, it was an easy step from assisting clients with “everyday” vehicle licensing to supporting tourism companies in their vehicle registration endeavours.

“The NTB registration process can be overwhelming and as most people might only need to do it once the procedures are unfamiliar. At Auto Help, we have assisted clients with the NTB registrations many times. Our expertise allows us to complete a registration from start to finish in a fast and efficient manner.”

– Mathieu Connor, Managing Director

Registering With the NTB as a Tour and Safari Operator (TSO)

In order to register with the Namibian Tourism Board, the operator must have

  • A vehicle registered to the company making the application and
  • Public Road Carrier Permits for that vehicle

What is a Tour and Safari Operator (TSO) in Namibia?

The Namibian Tourism Board Act 21 of 2000 defines a Namibian TSO as follows under Schedule (h):

“Tour and safari operators, being persons conducting business from a base in Namibia by providing services for the planning and arranging of a combination of various tourists-related services as a cohesive programme for purchase directly from the operator or through a booking agent and includes services and facilities such as sightseeing tours, transport to tourist destination spots, guides and meals as well as the provisions of accommodation to clients for the duration of a tour in facilities provided by the operator or in registered accommodation establishments…”

Any individual or company wishing to sell and carry out a tour in Namibia needs to be a registered as a tour and safari operator. Alternatively, they can make use of an already existing operator.

NTB Registration : What is Required to Register with the NTB?

Because tour and safari operators use their own vehicles to carry out tours, these need to be fully compliant with all regulations (transportation of passengers for reward and the NTB Act and regulations).

Before you can submit an application to register with the NTB, you have to compile the following documents:

  • An application fee of N$1000 and N$400 per vehicle that you are applying for,
  • Company registration documents
  • Identification document/s of owners or members/shareholders
  • Identification documents of Manager (if applicable) 
  • Certificate of fitness from your local municipality  
  • Copy of Public Road Carrier Permits  
  • Company vehicle registration documents (Certificate of Registration and License Disks)
  • Confirmation of Passenger Liability insurance (NTB requires a minimum of N$ 5,000,000 per incident)  
  • Copy of drivers licenses with a professional authorisation (PA/PDP)
  • Valid first aid certificate
  • VAT certificate if applicable  
  • Certificate of Good Standing with the Social Security Commission of Namibia (if applicable)  
  • The filled out application form which you can download from here.

All copies should be certified as true before being attached to your application. Applicable fees must be paid beforehand and the proof of payment should also be attached to your application. Incomplete applications may be delayed or declined.

Applications must be submitted to the Namibian Tourism Board head office in Windhoek.

What Happens Once the TSO Applications is Submitted to the NTB?

Once your application has been loaded onto the NTB system, you will be notified via a letter that the process is underway.

The next step is an inspection: An NTB inspector will schedule an appointment to visit your premises. They will verify your company information, see if the vehicles listed in the application meet the requirements and check that all is in order.

For example, vehicles used for the transportation of passengers for tourism need to have the registered, regulated company name and address on both sides of the vehicle. At the very least, there needs to be a fire extinguisher and a first aid kit in the vehicle.

After the inspection is complete, the NTB inspector will either notify you that the company has passed inspection or that alterations or amendments need to be made.

If you passed, you will be issued with an NTB inspection form. This will allow you to operate while you wait for the arrival of your NTB vehicle identification disc.

Registering as a TSO with the Namibian Tourism Board is an intricate and complex process that may leave you frustrated and in need of help. Why not just forego the stress and contact us to assist you with our experience and excellent service?

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