NaTIS Windhoek North Industry Contact Details

Below you can find the telephone number, address, services available, a map and office hours for NaTIS Valley Windhoek.

The Natis Windhoek Contact Number;

061 322 6001

NaTIS Windhoek North can be found on Allan Street in the Northern Industrial area of Windhoek. See the map at the bottom of this page for exact location.

If you are looking for the contact details for Natis Tal Street, click here.

Updated Operating Hours at NaTIS Windhoek Offices

NaTIS have said that they will open their Windhoek offices on Saturday. It is not clear whether this is only during December, or if it is a permanent change. As NaTIS rarely answers their phone, it is not possible to clarify this information. If we are able to get a response from them, we will post here.

Services Available at Natis Windhoek

  1. Learners and Drivers Licence
  2. Motor Vehicle Licensing
  3. Roadworthy Testing of Motor Vehicles

NaTIS Windhoek Operating Hours


Map of Location of NaTIS Windhoek North Industry, Windhoek, Namibia.