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Vehicle Registration Consultants

Auto Help is the leading vehicle registration & licensing consultant in Namibia. In operation since 2012, we are the go-to consulting company for all your vehicle registration needs.

Contact our friendly staff today to find out how we can help you with NaTIS, public road carrier permits, the Namibian Tourism Board and Mass Distance Charges.

NaTIS (Namibia Traffic Information System)

The Namibia Traffic Information System (Natis) offices handle roadworthy certificates, vehicle licensing and registration. The large array of forms and procedures that have to be followed exactly can seem daunting but with Auto Help’s expertise, even changing vehicle details after a conversion becomes simple.

We specialise in registering busses, built-from-chassis cabs and purpose-built safari vehicles. In addition, large companies have trusted us for years with managing their fleet; and in return received the peace of mind that comes from knowing that all your cars are licensed, roadworthy and ready to go at all times.

NaTIS is also responsible for the registration of imported vehicles – whether new or used – which can be challenging if the paperwork is not up to scratch.

There’s no reason not to trust the leading experts in the field: Auto Help will confidently support you, from introducing the vehicle and obtaining customs clearance to preparing exactly the documents you need for the final registration.

Public Road Carrier Permits

Tourism operators and other public transport need Public Road Carrier Permits. Who better to guide you through the intricate process of obtaining these than Auto Help – the preferred partner for big and small tour operators alike.

With our knowledge of the application process, we’ll take over critical steps to save you many hours of work better spent on running your business, and go above and beyond to ensure your fleet carries the relevant, correct permits.

Namibian Tourism Board Registration

The Namibian Tourism Board (NTB) is the tourism regulatory authority in Namibia and as such, also oversees the transport of tourists in Namibia.

At Auto Help, we will be glad to help fully register your tour vehicles as well as support you with other related registrations, especially ones relevant to tour and safari, and activity operators.

Mass Distance Charges

For large vehicles, Mass Distance Charges or MDCs can be a time-consuming struggle. The process, consisting of assessments and submission, calculating the correct mileage travelled and determining the right amount to be paid, is often a complex back-and-forth.

To further complicate things, you cannot renew a heavy vehicle’s license without a certificate confirming the payment of all MDCs.

Contact us now to take the hassle out of MDCs and get your fleet sorted.

You can find a comprehensive list of Natis locations in Namibia here.

We also have information for self driving visitors to Namibia, and will be updating the site with the best routes and distances between popular destinations.

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